Glioblastoma Awareness Day

21 July 2020 0 By Roberto Pugliese

Promoted by the National Brain Tumor Society and by the association Can’t Never Could, Tomorrow, July 22 will be the glioblastoma awareness day in the United States. The goal is to honor those who have lost their battle with this brain tumor, to help those who are still fighting and to support research by creating a sense of urgency to find a cure.

According to the website, glioblastoma is the most common, complex, resistant to treatments and lethal of brain tumors:

  • more than 13,000 Americans will receive the diagnosis of glioblastoma multiforme in 2020;
  • glioblastoma accounts for 48% of primary malignant brain tumors;
  • glioblastoma patients who survive 5 years are only 6.8% and the average life expectancy varies between 12 and 18 months;
  • the average age of diagnosis is 64;
  • glioblastoma is one of the most expensive tumors to treat, often causing families financial difficulties in addition to all the problems related to the disease.

Making the due proportions, in Italy about 3000 people will receive the glioblastoma diagnosis every year and at the moment there are about 5000 patients and I was wondering if it could make sense to set up an awareness day on Glioblastoma in Italy too, and for this we need everyone’s help.

A hug to all those who are currently fighting against multiform glioblastoma and their loved ones!