New Perspectives of Clinical and Pre-Clinical Research for Glioblastoma

New Perspectives of Clinical and Pre-Clinical Research for Glioblastoma

After the remarkable success of the conferences we organized last year and which were seen by an average of about 700 persons each (direct and deferred), the Voluntary Organization Glioblastoma.IT ODV is organizing a new conference entitled “New perspectives of clinical and pre-clinical research for Glioblastoma “. The event will take place on Tuesday 25 January 2022 from 17:00 to 19:00 and will take place in Italian by videoconference on the Zoom platform. The speakers for the event are internationally renowned experts: Dr. Giuseppe Lombardi, Medical Director of the Oncology Unit of the Veneto Oncological Institute and coordinator of the multidisciplinary neuro-oncological group of Padua, Prof. Alessandro Quattrone, Director of the Center for Biology Cellular, Computational and Integrated (CIBIO) of the University of Trento.

These experts will offer you a comprehensive overview of the new perspectives of clinical and pre-clinical research to fight glioblastoma.

The event will open with a very short presentation of the voluntary organization Glioblastoma.IT ODV, will follow the talks of the two speakers and will close with a session open to participants dedicated to questions and answers from the experts.


TUESDAY 25 JANUARY 2022 AT 17:00 – 19:00


17:00-17:10 Dott. Roberto Pugliese – Introduction

17:10-17:40 Dott. Giuseppe Lombardi – New therapeutic perspectives for Glioblastoma

17:40-18:20 Prof. Alessandro Quattrone – New perspectives of preclinical research for the therapy of Glioblastoma

18:20-18:50 Questions and Answers 

18:50-19:00 Dott. Roberto Pugliese – Conclusion

Two platforms will be used for the event: Zoom and YouTube. The event will also be recorded to make it available and accessible even to those who cannot participate. English subtitles will be added few days after the event. Link to the zoom event to participate in the conference and to the youtube channel to follow the event in streaming are reported below.

Link to the videoconference on the Zoom platform: >>> Zoom Link. <<<

Link to the streaming recording of the video conference on YouTube: >>> YouTube channel. <<<

This is the fourth of our events dedicated to glioblastoma and the first of 2022. We look forward to seeing you.