I am Roberto Pugliese, Roby for friends. I am the father of two fantastic boys Emanuele and Leonardo, the boys that every father would like to have.

Unfortunately Emanuele has passed away in December 2018 for a glioblastoma multiforme after a fight lasting about 9 months.

I decided to create this site to tell you about our experience of fighting glioblastoma with the language of the patients and of family members of the patients with the hope of giving some news and some useful advice to those who will directly or indirectly face this experience. The hope is that others will tell their experience through this same channel in order to enrich this source with various practical tips.

As Emanuele’s father I found myself in troubles finding the information I needed and for this reason I decided to make our experience available to others.

I would like to be able to give advice on which centers do research in this sector, which are the most advanced therapies that offer hope, which are the ways of going to get treatment outside our region and also outside our country if this is the way you have decided to go and what are the ways to finance these paths.

On this site you will tendentially find news that has a scientific basis and a reliable source.

If I manage to raise funds through this channel, they will be used to maintain this site and its services and to fund research on glioblastoma multiforme that we must, sooner or later, be able to defeat.

From July 2021 I founded together with some people the association Glioblastoma.IT ODV which is a voluntary organization. Find all the information to be able to contribute with the Glioblastoma.IT ODV association on the Contributions page.


You can contact me by writing an email to rmpugliese@gmail.com or calling me at +39 335 1272678.