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Glioblastoma Navigator is a SuperMind, a system designed for patients, caregivers, doctors, and researchers. Patients can enter anonymously their location, glioma data, treatment history, and outcomes. The system provides suggestions for specialized centers, information on clinical trials, and personalized advice for treatment. It also allows patients to view their glioma history and share necessary information with doctors. For doctors and researchers, the system collects data on a larger scale, gives the possibility to provide opinions on specific cases, and helps recruit suitable patients for clinical trials. The system will use machine learning algorithms to discover correlations and improve future standards of care. Access Glioblastoma Navigator at the link:, a system that uses the most advanced artificial intelligence deep neural networks models, to perform an automatic segmentation of magnetic resonance imaging (MRIs) data in order to distinguish tumour, edema and normal tissue and measure the tumour size in a precise way to monitor the evolution of the disease. The platform collects metadata and makes it possible the development of radiomics algorithms, a form of virtual biopsy. At the moment the system is accessible only by radiologists. If you want to have access to the system please contact us.
Access at the link:

GlioBot is a new generation chatbot that answer questions about glioblastoma multiforme and this website. You can also ask for information on specialized centers in Italy, and active clinical trials, suggestions on treatments. You can access glioblot by selecting the icon at the bottom left in any page or here below.