Video conference “New Frontiers in the Immunotherapy of Glioblastoma: between Scientific Progress and Really Available Therapeutic Options”

The eleventh conference of the voluntary organization Glioblastoma.IT ODV, the first of 2024, took place successfully. It saw the participation of around 70 people across different channels. It was held in Italian. Participating in the video conference were Dr. Lorena Gurrieri and Dr. Marcella Tazzari, from the Romagna Institute for the Study of Tumors “Dino Amadori” who told us in a language understandable even by non-experts what is happening in the field of immunotherapy for the treatment of glioblastoma beyond the headlines of newspaper articles which often have little to do with clinical reality. We thank all the participants and we are confident that in the next few days there will be many patients, caregivers and specialists who will have the opportunity to watch the deferred videoconference. The extensive question and answer session shed light on some aspects of interest to the participants. For ease of access we include the video of the recording below for those who have not yet managed to participate.

If you cannot view the video, use the link: Video Recording.

In the hope that more and more people will become long-term survivors and that sooner or later we will be able to make high gliomas curable, to all of you, Enjoy!