Glioblastoma Navigator Project

As promised, we present the Glioblastoma Navigator project with a video. The video lasts a few minutes and tells the reasons and some characteristics of the idea that we would like to start implementing in the coming months.

In summary, for Patients and their caregivers Glioblastoma Navigator will be a system where you can anonymously enter your location, the data relating to your glioblastoma with its characteristics and mutations, the therapies followed and where they were carried out and the significant events with the related outcomes during the course of the disease. Patients will be able to receive suggestions on the nearest specialized centers to go to for individual therapies, information on active clinical trials and personalized advice on the treatment path to be evaluated together with the team of doctors they are followed by.

For Doctors Glioblastoma Navigator will be a system where to collect data on a scale orders of magnitude higher than those available in the single hospital or specialised center, perform meta analyses on the available scientific literature, provide opinions on specific cases, recruit patients with characteristics suitable for clinical trials in preparation or in progress. The Virtual Experimentation will allow the application of machine learning algorithms on the available data to discover any correlations that may prove useful and improve the standard of care in the future.

We hope you enjoyed it and look forward to your comments 🙂