Neuroblastoma ONLUS

10 August 2019 0 By Roberto Pugliese

The Italian Association for the fight against Neuroblastoma O.N.L.U.S. was born on 23 July 1993 at the “G. Gaslini “of Genoa on the initiative of some parents directly involved and of oncologists who looked after their sick children. The mission of the association is to defeat Neuroblastoma and Pediatric Solid Tumors through innovative research projects aimed at identify new and effective therapies and personalized care. The Association deals with: fundraising; to support scientific research on Neuroblastoma and Pediatric Brain Tumors; create and maintain a territorial network of interlocutors who promote the mission and encourage adherence to the activities and their support; support cooperative programs of clinical and scientific activity; promote and coordinate the activity of entities with similar purposes.

More information can be found easily on the association’s website: .