The Conference “Brain Cancer: The State of the Art. Research, Therapies and Quality of Life”

26 September 2022 1 By Roberto Pugliese (Admin)

In reminding you of the appointment with the videoconference next Wednesday at 19:00, in which Ted will tell us his story, it seemed important to me to provide some information on the conference that took place on Thursday 22 September in Padua, focused on research, therapies and quality of life of patients. The event was organized by the Celeghin Foundation and the Department of Neuroscience of Padua.

After a first part of a purely scientific nature where the results of some projects funded by the Celeghin Foundation were presented, the second part was aimed at providing interested citizens with the most up-to-date information on brain tumors. Some specific aspects of this pathology have been dealt with. In particular:

  • Dr. Alessandro SALVALAGGIO, neurologist and researcher at the University of Padua, spoke about the symptoms with which this disease presents and how to arrive at a diagnosis;
  • The professor. Luca DENARO, neurosurgeon at the University of Padua, illustrated what one can expect from neurosurgery;
  • Dr. Franco BERTI and dr. Fabio BUSATO, radiotherapists under the IOV, explained what radiotherapy consists of and how it can be useful in the treatment of brain tumors;
  • Dr. Giuseppe LOMBARDI, neuro-oncologist of the IOV, illustrated the latest therapeutic innovations on brain tumors.
  • Dr. Silvia FACCHINI, neuropsychologist at the University of Padua and the Neurological Clinic of the Hospital, spoke about cognitive rehabilitation and what can be done when memory or concentration difficulties appear;
  • dr. Francesco PICCIONE, physiatrist of the Hospital-University of Padua, provided indications on how to maintain training through rehabilitation;
  • Dr. Eleonora BERGO, psychotherapist of the IOV, and Dr. Benedetta BONATO, psychotherapist who collaborates with the Celeghin Foundation, talked about psychological support for patients and those who take care of them.

The second part of the conference, in Italian language, was broadcast by videoconference and the recording is available by selecting the following image. Enjoy!

Videoconference Streaming Recording