Video Conference “How Glioblastoma Navigator Works”

The eighth conference of the volunteer organization Glioblastoma.IT ODV, the third in 2023 was held successfully. It saw the participation of about 30 people through the different channels. It was held in Italian. The question and answer session was animated as usual. We thank all the participants and we are confident that in the coming days there will be many patients, caregivers and specialists who will be able to watch the videoconference on a deferred basis and who will therefore decide to enroll in Glioblastoma Navigator and provide information on their treatment path (whether patients or caregiver) or on centers and clinical trials (if specialists). The more we are, the more Glioblastoma Navigator will become useful to everyone. The extensive question and answer session made it possible to shed light on some aspects of interest to the participants. Video tutorials for both Patients/Caregivers and Specialists have been added at the bottom of the landing page of Glioblastoma Navigator. For convenience of access we include below the video of the registration for those who have not yet managed to participate.

Video recording of the Conference “How Glioblastoma Navigator Works”