Gliobot+, a Chatbot that knows about glioblastoma multiforme

15 December 2020 0 By Roberto Pugliese

Two years have passed since Emanuele is no longer here with us and as I promised you I’d have done everything to be able to launch a new generation chatbot based on a very advanced artificial intelligence system.

After a test period, the chatbot will replace the chatbot that is currently running and is accessible by selecting the blue icon that appears on each page at the bottom right or by selecting the Gliobot menu item.

The new chatbot is a level 3 conversational agent, technically a contextual assistant. Unlike the chatbot currently in operation, which is technically a FAQ bot, i.e. it only answers frequently asked questions and represents the modern version of the old FAQs you can find on many websites, this new chatbot is able to respond to complex conversations, taking into account the context of the conversation and responds intelligently by searching the web, finding information in databases he has been instructed to use and by executing complex algorithms.

Yes, but you ask, what does it actually do? Well, to begin, it does better everything that the chatbot currently in use does but is also able to:

  • provide real-time information on centers specialized in the treatment of glioblastoma, which are the centers that do the most research;
  • provide real-time information on clinical trials active in Italy;
  • finally, it provides treatment suggestions based on some information it collects about your specific glioblastoma.

This last feature that I plan to update and improve day by day, aligning it with the latest research news, provides information that you then need to discuss with the team of doctors who follow you and who know your glioblastoma and your specific clinical situation in detail.

The new chatbot is accessible at this link: Gliobot + just select the small image at the bottom right and start asking questions.


Oh I forgot to mention that … considering how much Covid-19 is negatively affecting the health system, for example by slowing down all the provided services, I thought that I could be useful to add a module that checks your symptoms by providing an evaluation on the probability that you have the virus, an evaluation that then you have to check with your doctor.

I would like to conclude this article with a thank you to Emanuele who continues to push me to move forward and maintain this site, making me a better person every day. Emanuele, you are always in my heart!