Luca and Agnese and The Difficult Fight With Glioblastoma ODV is an association born from the desire to support patients suffering from glioblastoma and their caregivers.
Anyone who encounters this disease on his/her path discovers how difficult it is to find a direction, the best specialists, to understand what are the integrative treatments that can help during chemo and radiotherapy.
Glioblastoma is considered a rare disease although new cases are always known, regardless of gender or age. There is no cure, but there are some survivors. Can you live with a glioblastoma? It is difficult but not impossible. We must never give up, but hope and do everything to be able to say “I have glioblastoma but I’m still here.”
Reaching out a specialist for a second opinion, accessing supplementary treatments such as vitamin C infusions, hyperthermia, cannabis and more, sometimes represent a difficult to sustain cost in the long run for many families.
It is for this reason that the ODV is committed to supporting and reporting fundraising for those families who are in need.
Individually we can do little, but all together we can dare to HOPE, which is a wonderful word that patients and caregivers need.
It is with this spirit and objective that we present a family like many others, with a daughter, a job, a dog and several cats. One day in September Luca gets ill and suddenly the diagnosis arrives: glioblastoma. Life stops and a fracture is created, like a watershed, on the one hand the former life and on the other a life full of uncertainties and fears.
Luca and Agnese begin the process of the STUPP protocol, operation, radiotherapy and chemotherapy.
They become aware of Glioblastoma.IT ODV, of the Glioblastoma & Sorriso group of Facebook, of the important integrative treatments, all unfortunately not cheap, of the trials to keep hope alive. They had invested in a house, but this disease interferes with work and interpersonal relationships.

People who fall ill do not always have protection, especially if they are self-employed and can no longer work. The state recognizes sums to patients and caregivers that fail to cover all the needs of a family. And if we add that they there are difficulties by credit institutes to offer loans to this kind of oncological patients, we can well imagine how it could soon become impossible to go on and to be able to buy important supplements or cover the cost of specialist visits.
Our association wants to provide concrete help because no one should be in the situation of having to decide whether to pay a bill, a mortgage installment or pay a treatment.

For this we would like to point out the personal fundraiser launched by Luca and Agnese and we will report the other fundraisers of this kind that we would become aware of.

“What we do is just a drop in the ocean, but if we didn’t do it the ocean would have one drop less.” (Maria Theresa of Calcutta)