Some Non Technical Thoughts on Glioblastoma Multiforme

This is a slightly different article than usual. I am preparing an article on the latest research news that I will publish at the end of the month and I am continuing to carry out the process to transform into a voluntary organization and I have noticed that the fundraising campaign for the CUSP-ND clinical trial (which in the meantime it has changed its name to CUSP9v3 Phase II) in memory of Emanuele has practically stopped. I ask all of you for a further effort, at least in word of mouth and in raising awareness. So I was a bit thoughtful and as I often do in these cases, I went for a walk taking advantage of the beautiful place where I live.

Walking I looked up and I saw this …

the sage path in the Trieste karst

and I immediately thought of a connection with those of you today who are facing a glioblastoma multiforme both as a patient and as a caregiver. In practice we are walking along a road full of unknowns and risks and certainly if we are alone we could be afraid … it’s normal … as if we were walking alone in a forest. But if we are not alone, if next to us there is a friend, a family member, a doctor, a psychological support, an information site like this or a foundation that raises funds to support research and offer services to patients and caregiver then walking the road is much easier and we can face the path without fear.

And then maybe, around the corner, at the end we can find this …

wild sage in bloom

… a surprise, a spectacle of nature, something that fills us with joy and makes us feel good … and maybe who knows … healing or some good news! Happy June 2nd to all of you and your loved ones!