Video Conference “The Story of Ted”

29 September 2022 0 By Roberto Pugliese (Admin)

The fifth conference of the voluntary organization Glioblastoma.IT ODV, the second of 2022 was held successfully. Over 80 people attended. It was held in Italian and English. As usual, the question and answer session was very lively. Ted Taylor who received the diagnosis of glioblastoma in September 2018. Ted decided to make his story and battle with glioblastoma useful for others and developed the website with which he provides advice to those who like him face this tumor. The question and answer session was also very clear which allowed to shed light on some aspects of Ted’s treatment path which is particularly interesting both because it is an example of precision therapy but also because it underlines the importance for glioblastoma patients of being advocates for themselves and to face the path of care as a continuous search for ways to buy time while waiting for a therapy that can defeat it. For ease of access, I included below the video of the registration for those who have not managed to participate.

Video recording of the conference “The Story of Ted”