Videoconference “New Perspectives in Clinical and Pre-Clinical Research for Glioblastoma”

The fourth conference of the voluntary organization Glioblastoma.IT ODV, the first in 2022, was held successfully. Over 80 people attended. It was held in Italian. As usual, the question and answer session was very lively. We thank all the participants and in particular the speakers who offered an overview of the scientific research on treatments to fight glioblastoma and also explained how new ideas born in the laboratory are first transformed into pre-clinical research to obtain validation and gradually pass the different phases of the clinical trials before becoming standard therapy and explained the specific initiatives in progress and in preparation in their respective institutes. The speakers also talked about personalized therapy and therapy on specific targets and in association with immunotherapy as well as about glioblastoma stem cells and the reasons why it is important to think about therapies that are able to attack them. The question and answer session was also very clear, which made it possible to shed light on some aspects of the treatments such as the need for a multidisciplinary team and the importance of carrying out treatments in specialized centers and of participating in clinical trials. For ease of access we include below the video of the registration for those who have not yet managed to participate. In the coming days we will add subtitles and their translations.