Foundations, Associations and Support Services for Patients, Relatives, Caregivers

In recent months I have come into contact with some foundations and associations that are doing extraordinary work in the area and with which collaborations have been born that I would like to intensify as much as possible in the near future. The reason is that unity is strength and with Glioblastoma Multiforme we must be united and strong! There is no doubt.

The Giovanni Celeghin Onlus Foundation was founded in Padua in 2012 with the aim of raising funds to finance scientific research projects on brain tumors. Giovanni Celeghin was a great entrepreneur and an honest and generous man. He passed away in 2011 due to Glioblastoma Multiforme.
The Foundation that bears his name wants to honor his memory in the way he would have liked: to help research to make brain tumors less scary. These foundations play a very important role because they finance research that cannot be financed, for various reasons, by pharmaceutical companies.

The Luca Ometto Onlus Association intends to help all people affected by glioblastoma by giving them hope of a possible cure. The objective of the association is to finance the development of scientific research on Glioblastoma in order to improve the effectiveness of treatments and the quality of life of patients and their families. Luca Ometto was a young entrepreneur, who in 2000 had a brilliant idea: to create one of the first online book sales sites in Italy and thus founded The Luca Ometto Onlus Association was born from the promise made to Luca to find a cure for the tumor that hit him.

The Luca Ometto Onlus Association supports the families of cancer patients with glioblastoma and has recently made a free psychological help desk available to patients, family members and caregivers by appointment. The help desk can be of help to anyone who is facing the disease and wants to be helped to better manage all the problems, the various phases, experiences and emotions and find a space to share feelings both individually and in a group.

The association therefore offers both on-site interviews and online consultancy throughout the country which in this period of travel restrictions due to the pandemic are of fundamental importance. The online interviews are one-to-one interviews of 35 minutes every two weeks with Dr., psychotherapist and writer, Vera Slepoj.

Vera Slepoj, psychologist and psychotherapist, has twenty years of experience in the sector, specializing in medical sophrology, political psychosociology, advisor to the Minister of Communication from 2000 to 2005, writer (her latest book is “The clock of the mind”), as well as author for RAI and daily broadcasts; she is President of the International Health Observatory of Psychotherapy and of the Italian Federation of Psychologists.

For information and reservations, you can write to or call 377 080 9623.