Glioblastoma Navigator: Started a Few Days Already has 30 Registered Users!

But that’s not enough because what counts are the patient profiles which must be as complete as possible in order to be able to provide information that can be used to unearth possible relationships, for the virtual experimentation to be reliable. Like all clinical trials, the higher the number of patients participating, the more reliable it is and the results are valid and generalizable.

Our first goal is to reach the end of the month with at least 100 patient profiles! And 1000 by the end of the year! But we need the help of all of you and considering that the unique visitors to this website have reached 250,000 I would say that we can do it. To facilitate the achievement of these objectives, we will shortly be organizing videoconferences both in Italian and in English to describe the functioning of the system with the usual question and answer session.

I take this opportunity to remind you that for those who file their tax returns in Italy there is the possibility of donating the 5×1000 to Volunteer Organizations like ours. Below are brief instructions on how to do it. Thanks again everyone!