Treatments outside the region and abroad

10 August 2019 0 By Roberto Pugliese

Although it is increasingly difficult to do so, for complex pathologies such as glioblastoma it is always possible to do therapies and treatments outside the region even if you need a green light from the local health authority (ASL).

To be treated abroad, however, every Italian citizen has the right to access treatments at his own expense. No one can prevent you from going to a foreign hospital or clinic (private or public) and being assisted, hospitalized or operated on. However, if I want to treat myself abroad for free or with the reimbursement of medical expenses by our National Health Service this is possible only under certain conditions.

Among these conditions there is certainly the impossibility of obtaining or obtaining the same treatment on the national territory in due time. It is then essential to obtain permission from the ASL.

Cures can be carried out in EU countries and partner countries. To be treated outside these countries (for example in the United States) it is necessary to obtain permission from the Ministry of Health.

Up to 80% of the costs of the treatment in public or private non-profit centers that have rates approved and controlled by local health authorities are reimbursable (the costs must be certified by the Italian consulate in that country). The costs of the services and also those for the transport of the patient and of the accompanying person, excluding accommodation costs, are reimbursable.

For more information, a good starting point are the ASL sites.